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Interior Design


At Up North Air Conditioning we understand that your home is your castle and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail so, we always use the top leading brands to find the perfect colour and design to fit any space. 

Air Conditioning units have dual functionality as they not only cool a room but in-fact also have the ability to heat up rooms which is a much more environmentally friendly way of creating the perfect ambient temperature in your home.

All of our units come with between a 3-7 year warranty dependant on brand and all of our installs come with a 12 month free call back service should you experience any issues with your air  conditioning units.

Did you know, air conditioning is on the rise as the UK moves towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so much so that by 2025 new build homes will have to be fitted with energy efficiency measures and low-carbon technology!​​

Home air conditioning is being installed as the new alternative heating source with the green impact on the environment. 

We install single unit air conditioning systems that come in a variety of different looks – e.g. wall hung internal unit or floor internal unit (similar to a radiator) there is the option to have multi internal units feeding to one external unit outside. 

An air conditioner system comprises two elements - an internal and an external unit. 

  • The internal unit is fitted to a metal plate on a wall or floor mounted in the room to be cooled or heated

  • Whilst the external unit is situated outside the building.

The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor fan coil using a copper pipe. The external unit, or condenser, removes the heat from the room and dispels it outside, along with any condensation that's built-up in the system, whilst the internal unit provides cooling or heating.

A split air conditioner requires professional installation but offers, attractive, flexible, quieter and much more powerful operation than a portable system and has the added benefit of heating as well as cooling functionality.

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